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About Us

 KoKoDo Calgary is a recognized KoKoDo Jujutsu study group under the authority of Hanshi Michael Seamark, Hombu Jikimon Sadohana Dojo, and Sadohana Kai.

Established in 2011.


KoKoDo translates to "Imperial Light Way". It was founded by Shodai Soke Irie Yasuhiro and can trace our lineage to Sokaku Takeda of Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu.


JuJutsu can be translated as "Yielding art" It includes the concepts and philosophies of being soft, subtle as well as flexible. Jujutsu has its origins from ancient Japan, where it was referred to as Yawara. Its main function was as a secondary combat option for a samurai warrior when he was without weapons, and had to deal with armed and unarmed situations.

What To Expect & Benefits

Kokodo Jujutsu is a traditional Budo that specializes in joint locks, throws and pins for self defense. This includes formal hands on Kata training as well as situational self defense scenarios.

Progression at your own pace.

Exposure to traditional JuJutsu/Aikijujutsu techniques and concepts.

Curriculum based standard.


Small/semi private instruction


A safe, friendly and helpful learning environment.

Protective and functional movement

Mental and Physical well being


Self defense/protection skills

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Our founder and Teachers

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